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  • Innovative Designs
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New Heights Living | North Rocks


North Rocks

New Heights LivingĀ 

Nestled on the edge of a cliff, our client’s site posed a challenging opportunity to create a comfortable and inviting outdoor living space. As a team of experienced designers at Aussie Outdoor Living, we relished the chance to use our creativity and skill to create a perfect haven for our client’s family to enjoy. Our client’s brief was simple yet daunting – to maximize the limited space and create a pergola and deck that would cater to their family’s growing needs.

After several consultations and design sessions, we developed a streamlined pergola and deck that would perfectly complement the site and create an ideal outdoor living and entertainment area. The pergola we designed had a minimalist aesthetic that seamlessly integrated with the surrounding landscape.

The deck was equally impressive, providing an expansive and open space for family gatherings and events. We utilized various levels and a mixture of materials to give the deck a modern and luxurious feel. We also installed lighting, which illuminated the space and created a cozy and intimate ambiance.

With our team’s dedication and our client’s vision, we successfully transformed the cliff edge into a remarkable outdoor living and entertaining area that will cater to their family’s growing needs for years to come.

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