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  • Innovative Designs
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Less is More | Kellyville


At Aussie Outdoor Living, we thrive on the opportunity to turn ordinary spaces into extraordinary ones. When our clients came to us with an unfinished backyard that lacked functionality and protection, we saw it as a chance to work our magic and create a design that would exceed their expectations.

The challenge was clear – to transform this blank canvass into a space that not only met our clients’ needs but also provided them with the perfect blend of comfort and connection to the outdoors. After carefully considering all the factors, our team designed to a project that would revolutionize the way our clients lived and enjoyed their home.

Introducing our stunning sloping insulated pergola and aluminum deck, meticulously crafted to bring a new dimension to our clients’ living space. This magnificent addition not only doubled their indoor area but also seamlessly merged the boundaries between inside and out, resulting in a remarkable and cohesive living experience.

The pergola, with its carefully sloping design, provides optimal protection from the elements. Rain or shine, our clients can now revel in their extended living space without worrying about the weather. The innovative insulation ensures year-round comfort, keeping the pergola cool during scorching summer days and cozy during chilly winter evenings.

To enhance the aesthetic appeal and durability, we utilized high-quality aluminum for the deck construction. This not only provides a sleek and modern look but also guarantees longevity and easy maintenance. The sturdy structure ensures a safe and secure environment for our clients to create cherished memories with family and friends.


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